Integrated Diagnostic Support System (IDSS) "Digitizing the Maintainer's Slice of the Battlefield"

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IDSS Overview


The Integrated Diagnostics Support System (IDSS) is an Army Chief of Staff initiative which grew out of the Integrated Diagnostics Support Demonstration (IDSD) program that was conducted from 1993 through 1996 with extensive testing, using both CONUS PATRIOT units as well as OCONUS PATRIOT units as test beds.
IDSS is a computer and communication oriented system that provides the PATRIOT Fire Unit (FU) increased diagnostic capabilities and access to system experts at remotely located sites, via organic PATRIOT tactical communications systems, satellite, or commercial communications. It is a tool that enhances any maintenance concept, and may be of particular use in enabling future maintenance support structures. IDSS contributes to decreased system Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and has increased readiness. Testing and use of the system from 1997 to the present has substantiated these goals as being realistic. The IDSS philosophy is to maintain a weapon system utilizing advanced technology insertion to benefit the overall maintenance effort.